8 Paramount Tips To Know Before Availing Moving Car Services

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Convenient and reliable, these words describe professional car moving companies. They provide you the advantages of not doing the job of relocating your vehicle, maybe after being bought from a distance, or moving it out of vehicle storage yourself. Yet, it is still important to carefully choose which transfer car Australia provider to hire. Might as well learn these 9 paramount tips before hiring a car moving company.

Compare price rates

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If you already have decided for a budget, do compare the pricing rates of different moving car service providers. Given that at any services, you will almost certainly get what you pay for and car moving companies are not an exception to this. This is why there is this “instant quote” that we call which lets you easily list your shipment and then wait until bids are provided.  


Do some research

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Aside from comparing the price rates of competing car transport providers, you should also check the background of such companies and how they’ve been doing in the car moving industry since day one. This includes reading reviews from their past clients and evaluating them with their existing licensing, insurance and authority.


Verify liability of the car carrier

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After all the researching, might as well learn the car moving companies’ limits of liability. This includes any existing deductibles. Some companies provide a coverage of $50,000 to $100,000, some even can provide up to $250,000.



Settle on a mutual delivery location

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Before finally settling with a car carrier, both parties should agree how and where to specifically unload and unload the vehicle. There are some moving car providers that offer door to door car transport services. However, this service does not really mean that your vehicle will get delivered to your door. There are instances that the streets where you are located are inaccessible, thus having a mutually agreed location is a must. Might as well contact your carrier ahead of time and ask if their truck or trailer can traverse to your area.

Examine your vehicle before entrusting it to the carrier

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It is best to first inspect your vehicle before giving it to your chosen car carrier. Take note of any noticeable or mechanical problems if there are, and taking pictures that are well-lighted and recent. This is for the assurance that you get the good service you’ve paid for.


Empty your vehicle

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There are definitely a number of reasons why you should empty your vehicle entirely. One is for safety purposes. Not only that they add weight to your vehicle and can possibly become an obstruction during loading/unloading, but can also bounce around during the transport and end up damaged.



Safeguard your vehicle from road debris and fluids

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Especially for those that own vintage or other expensive vehicles, it is necessary that they must make a request whether to have them transported in a fully enclosed transport, that is in an enclosed trailer. This may cost less than having your vehicle “top loaded”. More costly yet since your vehicle will be placed on the upper deck of the carrier, there is a low possibility that your vehicle will be exposed to any form of debris and auto fluids.


Fill your gas tank just a quarter of fuel

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The safest recourse to do during transport is to leave just a quarter of fuel in your gas tank or depending on what your carrier advised you to do.




Let us know if the aforementioned tips above were of big help to you by sharing this to any of your existing platforms so others can also get to try applying them. If you want to know the car delivery cost, contact us now!

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