Watch Out These Signs To Determine If Your Transport Car Company's Quote is Overpriced!

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How to determine if a transport car interstate company is asking for an overpriced quote?

As a customer who's in need of shipping their car to a new location, we're on the constant lookout to find the best transport car interstate companies who offer excellent services at a cheaper rate. However, not all companies can do that. There are organisations who chose to do shady business and rob their customers of their money. Not only that, but they don't deliver their promises too! We certainly don't want to deal with this unnecessary hassle, right? That's why we're here to help you watch out for these warning signs to determine if your quote is overpriced or justifiable.

Distance Covered

Most legitimate transport car companies will compute your shipping rate depending on the distance covered. Normally, the farther the distance is, the higher the price. They should also include in the quotation other inclusive fees like taxes, fuel price, etc. However, if you're only moving from port of origin to a nearby state, then it shouldn't cost you that much. But if you discover that your rate is on par or higher than that of long-distance travel, then there's something wrong with your chosen company. These scammers will price you higher, and oftentimes, they also require you to pay a separate fee to handle the taxes and fuel price.

Types of Cars

Aside from the distance, most car transport companies will determine your shipping rate depending on your car, its size, and model. The newer your car model is, the more expensive your rates will be. However, if you're only transporting a Sedan model or an old car, then you should expect a cheaper price. Not only old cars are easy to maintain, but they're usually smaller in size and only occupy limited space. So take note of the quotation your company gives to you and re-calculate the space, size, weight, and insurance and compare if their prices coincide with your manual calculation based on their projected samples.

Large Upfront Deposits

Most legit transport car interstate companies offer cash on a delivery payment system for their services. This means that you only get to pay them once your car arrives on your doorstep. So if you encounter a company which requires you to pay an upfront deposit, it should send red signals to you. Why would you pay them when their services still aren't complete? These scammers will try to get your money (and worse, your car too) first before they vanish into thin air and leave you hanging.

Fairy-tale Promises

This section is closely related to the previous one. Most illegitimate car transport companies often back up their upfront payment feature by delivering false promises, the ones that are too good to be true to entice you in making an advance payment. An example for this is they promise a same-day delivery and shipping services (which is impossible), free car-wash services, etc. You should perform an extensive background check on the company to determine if they indeed deliver their promises or not.

Uniform Quote

Most legit transport car interstate companies generally offer three types of quotations namely:

  • standard quote
  • express/instant quote
  • custom quote

The standard quote refers to their most common type of car transport services using the standard shipping fee and courier. The express quote means you want your vehicle to be delivered faster and enclosed in a carrier. Of course, this type of services is more expensive than the standard one. And then there's a custom quote which kind of combine both features to suit your custom needs. They offer these different options to cater your preference and individual needs. However, bogus companies will only give you one option, often a uniform quote to pay. Whether you're only shipping a small car or a big one, it doesn't matter to them since you're required to pay an expensive rate.

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