Car Delivery Costs of Open and Enclosed Car Carriers

car delivery cost

There are thousands of cars transported all over the world by different transport companies. The car owners have researched about the most reliable car transport companies that they could trust to deliver their four-wheel drive. Cars are one of the most transported vehicles not only in Australia but the whole world. Your adventure includes the transport of your car to your doorstep. And since this is excluded from the price you paid to purchase the said vehicle, how much do you think is the car delivery cost in Australia?

The cost of the transport differs depending on the companies transporting the car. Plan ahead of time when the car needs to be transported to another place. Most people make the rookie mistake of mindlessly choosing the company to transport their cars. Research the best companies you can trust and compare the prices you could afford. The wrong company could mean damaging your wheels or losing it along with the trust you easily gave. Have you ever wondered how they came up with the cost of the delivery? In the cases of most companies, the cost of the car delivery is affected by the same factors.

Here are 5 of the most important factors that affect the cost of car deliveries:


Most transport companies are always considering this factor. The location of the car itself, the place where the transport begins up to the place where you want it to be delivered, will affect the cost. This means that the farther the location, the more expensive the cost gets. The location, whether it is in rural or urban places, also plays a factor when considering the car delivery cost. Urban places cost less than rural places.

Duration of the delivery

Delivery time is also a factor, the length of the time travelled in transporting your car. The longer the time spent on transport means that the cost is also expensive.

Type of car

Another factor in the list includes the type of car to be transported. The bigger, the heavier the car gets, the more it will cost you. This is due to the space that the car occupies on the carrier. The smaller the car is, the less expensive it is to transport due to the less space they occupy and the less weight they have.


The season could also affect the car delivery cost. When it’s peak season where a lot of cars are being transported, chances are, you’re going to pay a higher price to avail their transport services. If it’s not a peak season, the demand for shipping car is pretty low. You get to avail the cheapest car shipping services since most companies compete for your lead.

Option of delivery

When opting to have your car delivered, transport companies will offer you an enclosed courier or an open-air courier option. Both options for delivery are safe, but your decision should base on what suits your wheels. Privacy matters to a lot of people, the main reason why numerous car owners choose the enclosed courier. These factors will be helpful in considering the car delivery cost since you’ve just spent cash on purchasing your car. Not only will these help you from saving money, the research you did have helped you to understand why the factors affect the cost of delivery. Along the way, you have listed a few companies that met your standards, and you can trust.

Whichever you choose between enclosed and open car carriers, it all comes down to your own preference, but know that you must also consider few things before finally deciding on one. Should you have concerns, comment them down below!

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