Keys in Making a Successful Car Transport Quote

 Car Transport Quote

Having a car transport business is not easy. You will experience a lot of problems before everything can get even a little bit better. In short, you have to take a lot of risks to succeed. Interested customers don't always come through, and sometimes current customers don't stay.

This makes it crucial to impress customers right from the start. Especially when creating a Car Transport Quote for a prospective client. Most of the time, customers just want you to throw out a number, but you need to use this opportunity to deepen your relationship with them and gain interest.

Here are tips for making Successful Car Transport Quotations:

Don't Just Send a Quotation

Don’t just send them a quotation after you receive their email. Even though their request contains all the specifications that they want, you have to think of any possible things that you can add so that they’ll know you care.


Find out what's going on and why they need your services. With details like a customer's reason and their urgency, you can adapt your selling efforts appropriately.

A Personal Relationship

Don't settle for an email trading, ask who made the car transport quote and build a relationship with him/her and other decision makers. This will help you adapt if they decide to hire your service again.

Make the Call

Remember that it’s always better to personally call the customer. And since they have already shown interest you don’t need to worry about them ignoring your efforts.


Now that you've gotten the prospect's attention, you can ask questions to discover what other problems they want to solve with the help of your car transport business. If they have any requests in mind, this will help in increasing the price of your service.


Sometimes a customer just wants to compare your price to competitors. Now that you can talk to them ask for other prospective businesses that they want to hire. This will give you a chance to research your competitors and adjust your prices and improve your services accordingly.

Always show your customers genuine interest and proper attention. This will make them realize that you don’t just want a quick sale and improve your chances of referral and acquiring them again in the future. Trade Car Transport has been satisfying customers for many years and with our experience and expertise, we can provide a reliable car transport quote and ship your car safely!

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