How to Identify If a Car Transport Company is Suspicious

When asking for a car transport quote from a provider, how to settle on one and how can we be sure that we’re dealing with a non-suspicious company?

With the booming of the car transport industry, many are venturing to offer services that provide convenience to car owners. There may be some who have stayed long enough in the industry, but there are also some who didn’t make it. What’s alarming is that there are illegitimate companies that can be found online, and these are suspicious car transporting companies you should avoid. But how to determine if a provider is suspicious?

Hidden charges and altered contract terms

If a moving company increases the amount of your bill or altered the terms of the contract upon agreeing on an amount, that means raising the red flag. More when they suggest holding your car until you fall into buying their demands.

Very low car transport quote

Another thing to look out for is when a provider offers you the lowest of quotes. Don’t get trapped but first, determine if this quote already includes other charges. It would be better for you to review on these said companies’ websites if there are.

Asking for deposit

If a provider asks for a deposit and is a tremendous amount, think that this is usually not the case for authorised moving companies. Keep off from being tricked by this strategy among suspicious providers.

Complicated transactions

Be wary of transactions that involve shipping agents, go-betweens, and business partners that get over complicated. They may leave you severely out of pocket.

Scanty credentials

When having online transactions with a provider, make sure to review their credentials. Be mindful of the details for anyone can just copy and paste from other legitimate company websites. Might as well check out the contact of the actual site owners and the site URL. If the contact information is scanty, you can try to pay a visit to their existing physical offices.

Reviews are all positive ratings

Nowadays, it is suspicious if companies have a spotless record. Having reviews that are all positive is very rare, and if happened could only mean that they were collected unfairly. It would be best for you to consider those that have negative feedback for it all comes down to how they were able to resolve the issues and respond to angry customers.

No drivers of their own

Why sign the contract when the provider doesn’t even have their own drivers. This could only mean that they are not a company, but maybe brokers.

Copy errors

Read carefully the content of a company’s website. If you are seeing spelling and grammatical errors on the copy, then they may be fake for genuine companies properly check their site’s content.

If you think we missed to include some of the warning signs in determining that a car transport provider is suspicious before settling for car transport quote from them, comment down below!

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