How Much Does A Car Delivery Cost?

How do you look for service providers with the most reasonable car delivery cost?

Definitely one of the most common questions regarding car delivery is “How much does a car delivery cost?”. Probably the prime concern among individuals who want to move their cars interstate.

It is known that whenever an individual collects a car delivery quote from a service provider, it does not just display any arbitrary figures. However, unlike most of the other services and products, car delivery cost can vary by the digits, even by the day.

But why do the costs differ? Note that such service charges depend on particular variables of which are the following:

Type of Vehicle

Simply, the price is higher if to transport larger vehicles such as trucks, 4WDs, vans, and SUVs compared to compacts and sedans. Similarly, the cost will be higher if vehicles have oversized tires or there are modifications to suspension. With regards to luxury or vintage cars, most probably, you have to consider having it transported with an enclosed option to protect it from outside threat.


The cost of car delivery is higher if the further the distance that needs to be covered for the transport. You guessed it right, distance plays a vital role in the delivery cost.

Accessibility of Pickup and Drop Off Locations

Most service providers consider where your vehicle will be picked up and be dropped off. The cost will depend on the accessibility of the locations, whether they are heavily travelled or off the main highways making them hard to reach.

Depot to Depot or Door to Door Delivery

Know that door to door is more expensive than depot to depot delivery, however, the latter may cost you more since there are storage fees once your vehicle is being kept in the depot and may accumulate the longer it stays there. And also, depots are usually located away from you which may cost you more for travelling your vehicle to your location.

Fuel Price

Fuel prices may vary from region to region, making it a significant factor that influences the cost of car delivery.

Non-drivable Vehicles

If the vehicle is not drivable, the delivery quote may be increased since service providers need to make use of special equipment to have your vehicle loaded and unloaded to the trailer.

Rush Delivery

If you prefer same day delivery, this will cost you more given that service providers are prioritising your vehicle even if there are other vehicles that need to be transported too.

To give you just a piece of advice, might as well compare car delivery cost from other service providers. And then settle on one with the most reasonable price.

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