Definitive Guide on How to Handle Damages During or After Car Transport

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When you plan in transporting you precious car, you should consider getting the best car transport company for safe shipping. But what would you do if your car gets damaged during car transport? Does it affect your car delivery cost?  In most cases, if your car is damaged, you ask what to do next. Here is some definitive guide on how to handle damages during car transport.

Contact the Car Transport Company

Immediately call the transport company. Don’t wait around, because most companies only have 7 days to file a claim. When you call the company, let them know what has happened and wait for the company’s feedback and instruction.

Take a look back at the document

If you noticed the damage immediately after your vehicle was delivered, issue them to your record and have them know the changes. Put a clear thorough description. Be sure to discuss with the driver of what exactly happens. Make verification of your shipment documents.

Cost of Damage

You can now rely on the auto transport company to communicate with the carrier responsible. Ask for the car delivery cost for you to be aware of how much will it cost you. Cars that get damaged during transport will need only minor repairs. More critical repair of damage takes longer because the carrier’s insurance company will be involved.

Take a look at the Insurance Policy

It is always best to have your transport carrier provide a certificate of insurance. This covers the amounts of liability, workers comp, cargo limits and deductible. Typically broker companies do not carry their insurances; only the brokerage bond. Transport companies are required by law to have your car’s damage covered by liability and cargo insurance, so you don’t have to worry.

Where to File a Complaint

If you feel that the company failed to provide the services you expected or that they mistreated you, you can issue a complaint to Business Bureau office.

Even if you find the best car transport company, humans are humans. You can’t avoid accidents during car shipping and the only thing you can do is to stay calm to think for appropriate actions with regards to the damages of your car. These damages can affect your car delivery cost and you should consider reading again these guide to come up with an effective solution. If you have concerns regarding this topic, feel free to reach us out and we’ll be glad to respond!

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