When is the Best Time to Avail Vehicle Transport Services?

vehicle transport australia

When it comes to vehicle transport Australia, when is the best time to avail such service?

So you're now planning on moving to a new location either to start a new life or due to work. You've now packed your bags and stuff and store it on your car. You've already decided which vehicle transport Australia company to avail to handle your car transport. The only question that bugs in your mind is when you will have your car shipped? Is it recommendable to ship it right now? Or wait for a while until the price decreases? Or when it's not peak season? This guide will help you determine when's the best time to ship your car.

On and Off Season

One great factor you need to take into consideration when you ship your car is the Season. Is it peak season right now where most Australians demand the use of car transport services? Or is it off-season where the demands are low? Most Australians prefer to transport their cars during Summer since it's a holiday season for them and therefore, they have plenty of time to pack their stuff and book a car shipping services. In times like these, most companies give a higher quote since there's a high demand for their services and the competition is tight. However, if you wait for a while during the off-season where the demand for car shipping is low, chances are, you're able to minimise your cost since the companies will compete to gain a lead.

Weather Conditions

Now that you've decided to ship your car during the off-season, the next thing to do is check the weather condition. Shipping your car during the Spring may be better compared to the Winter season. Not only the weather is good, but your courier won't have a hard time transporting due to slippery and wet roads where it's more prone to road accidents. If you do want to avail a vehicle transport Australia services during Winter, though, make sure that the company you choose is prepared for the harsh and extreme weather conditions.


Another factor for determining the best time to ship your car is the distance. Do you plan to move to a nearby state? Are you moving from north to south, east to west? If so, then you might need to allocate a longer time to transport your car. It's recommended to have your car shipped at least 2 weeks prior to your expected date of arrival or delivery. This is to ensure that your car and your stuff will still arrive on time despite the delay the company may face due to the distance, road conditions, and traffic jams during the transportation.

Festivities and Activities

You also need to check if the new state you're moving into has an ongoing festivities or major activities. For example, if a state is having a major festival like a fun run, hosting a soccer or cricket tournament, chances are, a lot of people will come to the said state. This downpour of people coming all over the state can cause traffic jams which can delay your delivery time. It's important to do some research and familiarise yourself with your new state and avoid booking a vehicle transport Australia services on these busy dates.

Now that you've looked into these factors, you need to plan your move carefully to avoid these issues that may contribute to the delay of your car transport. When in doubt, don't hesitate to consult your vehicle transport company and coordinate to allow a smooth transition and transportation of your vehicle as you move out.

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