All You Need to Know About Transporting Multiple Cars

transport car interstate

Have you ever wondered how car transport companies ship multiple cars? Technically, it’s all the same as shipping one car from one place to another.  Transport car interstate and multiple car shipping in Australia has been in the business for a long time. Transport companies offer this service not only to fill their carriers and maximise their profit, but they also want to help their customers lessen their expenses in transporting multiple cars.

When planning to ship multiple cars, it’s essential to choose the right type of carrier to ensure the safety of your car upon shipping.  Here are the common types of carriers and trailers you should know.

Open and Enclosed Carriers

Usually, cars are being transported by two types of carriers, the enclosed and open type carrier. An enclosed type of carrier is the best way to ship cars safely. It protects cars from all sides during shipping, safeguarding it from bad weather, sun damage, and possible road debris. This method of car shipping is considered as a premium service, and it’s more expensive than open type carriers.

Unlike enclosed shipping, an open carrier is a cheaper and cost-effective option. The reason it’s less expensive is that it can carry more cars than the enclosed carrier. Generally, it can transport 6-12 cars at once while the enclosed can carry 1-2 cars only.

Single Level Multi-Car Trailer

This type of carriers are usually small trucks and often used for all types of vehicles. The major advantage of this carrier is it can access locations that are not accessible to big trucks. It is the best option when you want to transport multiple cars within a short period.

Multi-Level Multi-Car Trailer

Unlike single level car trailer, this type of carrier can transport more cars. This is the most popular type of carrier and widely used for transport car interstate. This type of trailer can also offer open and enclosed shipping. Enclosed multi-car trailers are widely used for transporting multiple prestige cars and are the best option for luxury car owners.

It’s important to choose the right type of carrier to avoid any possible damage during shipping. If you have any concerns regarding transport car interstate, you can contact us or drop your message below!

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