6 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Availing Interstate Car Transport Services

6 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Availing Interstate Car Transport Services

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We bet car transport customers have been tricked once, or worse, a couple of times already, especially for those who are first-timers. However, they deserve not to experience the same scenarios for the nth time. These are the 5 common mistakes one should avoid when to avail the right interstate car transport services.

Thinking that those interstate auto transport that offer affordable services are the “best”


This industry has its fair share of car transport companies that got bad reputation, and many of them can go “low and lower” when it comes to their auto transport quotes just to get their business going. This may seem great for customers who are considering their financial capability, seeing this as the best value for their money, but are unaware that this group of car carriers aren’t really honest about their intention of moving vehicles at the provided price.

At the end of the day, you’ll end up paying more than what you’ve thought as “affordable”.

Signing a contract to keep both parties safe


What’s to doubt with contract signing? But know that most of the reliable car shipping companies don’t necessarily require signing of contracts. For contracts are only used to keep shipping companies to keep themselves safe and not the customers. So, if ever you have already signed a contract with a specific move car service provider, and if ever there will be damages to happen to your car, they will be allowed to keep your money.

Placing a deposit after a transporting order has been sent


Be careful whenever an Australian car transport provider asks for a deposit after placing an order. Why? Because they may be one of those that are untrustworthy. And if happens that you fall to this trap, and find out that your vehicle is never moved, you should know that regrets always come in the end.

Should I ignore insurance coverage?


Before ending up settling with a car carrier, ask them regarding their insurance coverage and the exact amount you will cover in transit if something happens on your vehicle. For there are always instances that can’t be expected, so this is why car carriers should have insurance to cover any damage while the vehicle is being moved.

Not emptying the vehicle for transport


Smart to think of loading your car up with personal belongings to save you from moving them yourself, however, it’s actually a bad idea. Though some car moving service providers allow such convenience up to 100 lbs of belongings to be placed in the car, these companies won’t accept any responsibility if it goes missing. The very point is, additional weight means increased costs. Better to just empty your car.

Hiring a car transport service provider without making efforts in doing a research


To make sure that you are choosing the right car transport company, might as well do some research of your own. Or ask for referrals from a friend or a family member who have tried hiring car transport service providers.

Some of us are not always that lucky to be able to avoid from these aforementioned mistakes when we are to avail interstate car transport services, however, if we are only cautious and hairsplitting when it comes to decision-making, we can at least avoid these by over 50% possibility. More now that you’ve read this.


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